Flow of the Night

  • Welcoming | Introductions

  • Physical Practices (60 - 70 minutes)

  • Tantric Feast  (90 - 120 minutes)

  • Musical Performance (30 minutes)

  • Dharma Salon (60 minutes)

  • Closing Circle | Departure

The Practice

After being welcomed into the space and introduced to one another, Chelsey and Michael will guide the guests through an invigorating asana practice, sensual non-linear movement, breathwork, meditations, and partner practices designed to escort the spirit into radically alive expressions of existence. 

Closing the Circle
Guests Depart


A Tantric Salon

Michael Hewett and Chelsey Lee Fasano bring together their respective tantric lineages to create an embodied experience of intimacy with the five senses, sensitization of the heart, and inquiry into the genuine moment-to-moment experience of life as it unfolds.

Michael Hewett has studied and taught yoga, meditation, and philosophy, as well as lead retreats internationally for over 25 years. In 2010, at the request of the community, he founded Vessel Academy, which offers a braided spectrum of mind, body, and spirit practices for daily life. As a musician, Michael has been playing guitar for over 35 years, has released 7 full length albums, toured internationally and performed in the hit broadway musical ‘Wicked’.


Chelsey Lee Fasano combines her seventeen years of experience in the yogic arts and meditation with her scientific research to bring clarity, insight and relatability to spirituality and sexuality. She has extensive experience with retreat style meditation, classical tantric yoga, and various sexual and embodiment practices, which she began studying as a teenager. She works with the brightest minds in science, sex and spirituality to find the most useful, accurate practices and theories from ancient traditions, in the hopes of making spiritual insight, intimacy, and deep pleasure more attainable and accessible.

After dinner, the guests will be transported by a musical performance.

Dharma Salon

The Dharma are the teachings about reality that hold true and provide refuge in times of peace and during trials. 


We will share the foundations of tantra, the neuroscience behind the practices, and anything else within the realm of burning curiosity of our guests, in question and answer format.

The Facilitators

Chelsey Lee


Tantric Feast

Once we are centered and relaxed through practice, the guests will be invited to a multi-course banquet. Blindfolds will be adorned as we journey through a tantric blessing of the senses, hearts, and minds.

A sumptuous dining experience will follow, including wine, conversation, music, and a lively post-dinner exploration into the foundations and hidden dimensions of tantra.

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